Hello Toothpaste Tablets Review



Are you in search of a great alternative to traditional toothpaste? Then you may want to check out Hello products, particularly the brand’s toothpaste tablets. These tabs are even perfect for you, especially if you want to start using a waste-free alternative to traditional toothpaste and products you use on your teeth and mouth.

Why Switch to Sustainable Toothpaste Tablets?

Based on many reviews, a lot of users highly recommend the use of toothpaste tabs because of their many benefits. For one, this waste-free alternative to traditional toothpaste aims to protect the planet and the environment. Most of them are plastic-free and cruelty-free, which is why many recommend them for those who want to stick to sustainable living.

toothpaste tablets hand dropping hello tablets into green bottl

Good for the Body

Most brands offering these tabs, especially Hello, put a lot of emphasis on the use of ingredients that are beneficial for the body, meaning they are chemical-free. That said, you can expect them to be formulated with what is only pure and organic. These include the standard baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), a natural sweetener called xylitol, and calcium carbonate, which is the one used in making limestone.

Good for the Environment

Moreover, this plastic-free alternative to conventional and commercial toothpastes is formulated and manufactured in a way that it does not contain harmful preservatives, like parabens. They continue to earn 5 stars from numerous reviews because of how safe and environmentally friendly they are. They do not even contain harsh chemicals, like fluoride and artificial flavors and colors.

Other Oral and Dental Care Benefits

This product also provides benefits that are good for your oral and dental health, including:

  • Safely cleans teeth
  • Prevents cavities
  • Gets rid of stains and whitens teeth naturally – It is even possible to find natural antiplaque whitening toothpaste tablets with kaolin, a mineral that naturally whitens and eliminates stains.
  • Keeps your breath fresh – Many toothpaste tablets have essential oils, like natural peppermint oil and spearmint oil, designed to keep your breath fresh without harsh elements and chemical additives.
  • Strengthens enamel while calming and preventing gum pain
  • Makes you smile confidently

Of course, their greatest benefit is the fact that they are plastic-free and have environmentally friendly packaging, so they will never pollute the environment. The package used in the product is recyclable and biodegradable, too.

If you are searching for trusted leaders and brands offering toothpaste tablets at a reasonable price, then I highly recommend Hello. As you can see in many legit reviews, Hello products earn plenty of 5 stars and good feedback as they can improve one’s smile and help save the environment.

hello oral care whitening toothpaste tablet blue and black bottle

About the Hello Brand

Hello is a famous dental and oral health brand, which promises and claims to focus more on using sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients when making products designed to whiten and clean teeth. Even their sweetener, which is xylitol, is natural.

They are aware of how bad the buildup of plastic can be in the environment, so they aim to stop using it and go for alternatives and solutions free from such a material. Based in New Jersey, Hello started its operations in 2013. After that, the company expanded to supply products in national chains throughout the country.

Because the brand strongly commits to save the environment, they prioritize the use of recycled materials and organic ingredients. They even follow cruelty-free practices. This means that their products are never tested on animals.

With all these initiatives, you will surely feel good knowing that you have also helped the environment whenever you shop for their product. The company actually offers its products for one-time or single purchases.

You may also take advantage of their prescription plan, which you can avail of by signing up. Aside from toothpastes, you can also shop for toothbrushes, mouthwash, and other oral and dental care products online.

You are also given the option to buy chemical-free products for sensitive teeth and whitening. Moreover, you can check out its oral care lineup known to be truly fluoride-free, making them as safe to use as possible.

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About Hello Toothpaste Tablets

Based on multiple reviews, one product from Hello that continues to earn 5 stars and great praises from the public is the toothpaste tablet. Here’s what you can expect from this product:

Organic/Natural Content

Hello has antiplaque whitening toothpaste tablets formulated thoughtfully to contain only pure and organic elements. These include tea tree oil, natural peppermint, and coconut oil – all of which are effective when it comes to whitening teeth, freshening breath, and controlling tartar.

The combination of these items in this Hello antiplaque whitening toothpaste also works in brushing plaque away. Overall, this vegan product has the following contents designed and formulated to protect your teeth while doing away with traditional toothpaste tubes and container:

  • Sorbitol
  • Cellulose
  • Hydrated Silica
  • Xylitol
  • Stearic Acid
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract
  • Magnesium Stearate

Flavor Options

You can choose from this vegan product’s two amazing flavor options. There is the natural peppermint flavor, which is packed in a sleek blue-colored tin. The other flavor option is charcoal-activated fresh mint with coconut. It has a stylish package in the form of a black metal tin.

Compact and Travel-friendly

Another thing that you can expect from these vegan toothpaste tablets is their compact and travel-friendly nature. You can easily throw them in your carry-on or gym bag. They are helpful especially for travel as such products prevent you from worrying too much about airport restrictions or the mess caused by a tube that bursts into your bag.

Eco-friendly Packaging and Container

Your goal of adhering to sustainable standards is also easy to accomplish with the helpful eco-friendly packaging and container that Hello uses for its toothpaste tablets. It is less messy compared to the usual and traditional toothpaste tubes.

It is also plastic-free. Furthermore, it makes use of fully recyclable and reusable metal tin for its container. With that, expect it to have higher recyclability and a lower carbon footprint compared to glass and plastic.

How to Use Hello Antiplaque Whitening Toothpaste Tablets?

Using these tabs from Hello is easy. The only thing you should do is pop one tablet in your mouth. You should then chew the tablet. After you chew the tab, you can brush your teeth using the powder produced, prompting its cleaning action.

After that, you can spit it out and rinse similar to what you are doing when using regular toothpaste. It may take quite a while for you to get used to the habit of using the tablet to brush teeth.

You may also feel awkward at first upon noticing a frothy black foam covering your teeth – that is if you use the activated charcoal variation. The good news is that it is a sign that the activated charcoal starts doing its job of making your teeth bright and clean.

Pros of Hello Toothpaste Tabs

  • Created to reduce the amount of plastic used and produced by using recyclable and reusable packaging
  • Easy yet effective way of fighting plaque, freshening breath, and whitening teeth
  • Has great taste/flavor while also being to use
  • Helpful when traveling
  • Safe and natural content

Cons of Hello Toothpaste Tabs

  • May cause your teeth to feel a bit gritty after using the tabs to brush for the first time
  • Kind of difficult to crush the tabs – The process may even be challenging if you have veneers and crowns.

The advantages of this product still outweigh its drawbacks, so your decision to pick this plastic-free alternative solution for brushing is indeed a wise move.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is activated charcoal useful?

Yes, the inclusion of activated charcoal in one variation of the toothpaste tablets offered by Hello is a big advantage. One benefit is that it is only mildly abrasive. It can also easily absorb odors causing bad breath as well as tannins that lead to stains.

Activated charcoal is also made to be more porous. This specific quality is the reason why the tabs are highly effective in cleaning even those crannies that are difficult to reach.

toothbrush on top of hello oral care activated charcoal bottle

Are the tablets natural and organic?

Yes, they are. It is the reason why these tabs are good for the body and the environment. They use natural and organic flavors and elements.

Are the tablets cruelty-free?

Yes, they perfectly meet the standards of being cruelty-free. This means that the products are never tested on animals. The fact that they are not tested on animals also indicates that they are serious about being great stewards of all living things.

Are the packages recyclable?

You will also be glad to know that the packaging used in the tabs is recyclable. The company even uses recycled paper in making the boxes where the metal tins are placed. This material is environmentally friendly, making it better compared to harmful plastic tubes.

Are there other Hello products?

Apart from the tablets, you can also find other eco-friendly offerings from Hello. Most of them have the same things in common – that is being friendly to the environment by using only natural elements and being cruelty-free, meaning they were never tested on animals.


Overall, Hello antiplaque whitening toothpaste tablets are incredible solutions if you want to start using eco-friendly and cruelty-free items. They also have the advantage of being vegan. Moreover, these Hello products earning 5 stars from most users are fluoride-free and SLS-free, making them even more effective in safeguarding your oral and dental health.